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Léa Kaufmann and Carl Munoz won prizes for best presentations during the Simon-Pierre-Noël Scientific Day

Congratulations to Léa Kaufmann who won the coveted Simon-Pierre Noël prize and to Carl Munoz who won the prize for best doctoral presentation . Their presentations focused on their respective research work. Congratulations to you both!

Carl Munoz and Karla Félix Navarro winners of an ESP artificial intelligence scholarship

Congratulations to Carl Munoz and Karla Félix Navarro who are respectively recipients of a doctoral and master’s scholarship in artificial intelligence from ESP of [UdeM]( /).

IRIC is launching the 2024 edition of its recruitment competition for master's or doctoral degrees.

By submitting your application, you will have the chance to be invited to participate in 3 days of activities at IRIC, on the campus of the University of Montreal, from June 5 to 7, 2024.

PREMIER program: the Lemieux lab offers an internship project

The Lemieux Laboratory has submitted an internship offer in the PREMIER Program bank. The offer is titled Establishment of a new neural network approach to characterize small molecules for drug development. We invite any undergraduate student from a program at the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal interested to join the laboratory for the summer of 2024 to apply to the program! It is possible to access the registration site via this link.

Ann-Sophie Gironne presents a poster during the 12th Pharmaceutical Research Meeting of the Faculty of Pharmacy (UdeM)

Ann-Sophie Gironne presented her research work on the identification of transposable elements induced by chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer.

Carl Munoz obtains his accelerated passage to the PhD

Carl Munoz is officially undertaking his PhD in bioinformatics, via an accelerated transition from the Master’s degree, in the Lemieux Laboratory. Congratulations Carl!

Sébastien Lemieux presents during the 15th Journée Phare of Université Sherbrooke

Sébastien Lemieux was invited to come and discuss artificial intelligence (AI) in health during the dinner conference “The future of pharmacology” of the 15th Journée Phare. The event was held at Sherbrooke University. For the occasion, Sébastien presented the projects of Léa and Karla, as well as Assya.

Nicolas Jacquin represents the Lemieux Laboratory at the 14th Research Symposium of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (UdeM)

For the occasion, Nicolas Jacquin presented his research work on the reconstruction of transcriptomic profiles from short k-mer using machine learning.

Léonard Sauvé presents a poster at RéseauLAB 2023

Léonard Sauvé presents his work on the use of autoencoders for prognosis prediction from gene expression data at the 2023 edition of the RéseauxLAB.

Welcome to Léa Kaufmann and Karla Félix Navarro

Léa Kaufmann and Karla Félix Navarro are joining the Lemieux Laboratory to complete their PhD work in Bioinformatics and Masters in Computer Science, respectively. Welcome!