PREMIER program: the Lemieux lab offers an internship project

The Lemieux Laboratory has submitted an internship offer in the PREMIER Program bank. The offer is titled Establishment of a new neural network approach to characterize small molecules for drug development. We invite any undergraduate student from a program at the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal interested to join the laboratory for the summer of 2024 to apply to the program! It is possible to access the registration site via this link.

The PRogram of Excellence in Medicine for Initiation in Research (PREMIER) aims to awaken interest in research among undergraduate students.

Each year nearly 100 students are PREMIER winners. Their summer internship lasting 8 to 13 weeks is accompanied by a scholarship of a maximum amount of $6,000 (for 13 weeks of internship).

To benefit from the program (according to the eligibility rules), students can consult the bank of internships offered by professors affiliated with the faculty of medicine and choose one or more internships that suit them. interested. Once the connection between a student and the director of an internship has been confirmed, an application file must be submitted to the PREMIER competition.