Safia Safa-tahar-henni

Safia Safa-tahar-henni

PhD student in Bioinformatics

IRIC - Université de Montréal

During her master degree in Bioinformatics, Safia Safa-tahar-henni completed two internships: the first one at IBPC where she studied flexible segment proteins docking by a multi-copy approach coupling with a robotic loop generation algorithm. The second one was at CNAM, where she worked on statistical and integrative methods to uncover a part of the missing heritability in psychiatric disorders. She is a PhD candidate in bioinformatics in Dr. Brian Wilhelm’s lab, co-directed by Dr. Sébastien Lemieux. Safia is currently working on a 12,000 small molecule screen on different types of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) samples. Her goal is to link cells viability in response to compounds, to their expression and mutation profiles.

To learn more about Safia’s project, follow this link.

  • High throughput chemical screen
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software development
  • Statistics
  • PhD in Bioinformatics, in progress

    Université de Montréal, Canada

  • MSc in Bioinformatics, 2018

    Université de Paris - Diderot, France

  • BSc in Life and Health Sciences, 2016

    Université de Nice, France