Charbel Machaalani

Charbel Machaalani

Baccalaureate student in bioinformatics (2023 intern)

IRIC - Université de Montréal

After obtaining a science degree from Heritage College, Charbel Machaalani’s interest in biochemistry and artificial intelligence led him to pursue a baccalaureate in bioinformatics at the University of Montreal. Throughout her studies, Charbel completed industry internships at Rio Tinto and at the [Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada](https: // to put their software development skills into practice. He now works with the team of Dr Lemieux at [IRIC]( /en) on the implementation of a new neural network approach to characterize molecules for drug development.

Charbel was an undergraduate intern. His project focused on the Implementation of neural networks to predict gene expression using compound structures.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software development
  • Hiking